Magnesium Citrate Supplement Tablets


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Our Magnesium Tablets are ideal for your health needs.
Support muscle function and a healthy nervous system
Repair DNA, contribute to normal brain function & aid sleep
120 Magnesium Citrate Capsules
Perfect for both men and women
Manufactured in the UK to GMP standards
Registered with The Vegan Society

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Boost your well-being with our Magnesium Citrate Supplement Tablets, carefully designed to meet your daily magnesium needs.
Essential Mineral Support: Magnesium tablets are vital for over 300 body functions, including muscle and nerve health. Our tablets provide a potent dose of magnesium citrate, ensuring your body gets what it needs.
Convenient & Effective: With 120 tablets per bottle, our supplement makes it easy to get your daily magnesium fix. Whether you’re looking for stress relief, supporting mental function, or fixing sleep patterns, our magnesium tablets have you covered.
DNA Building Blocks: Magnesium is also essential for DNA synthesis, acting as a cofactor in the process of building and repairing DNA.
Backed by Science: Our supplement is also supported by scientific claims, confirming the benefits of magnesium for muscle function, energy levels, mood, and more.
Prioritize your health with our Magnesium Citrate Supplement Tablets Support your body and thrive naturally. For a combination boost, magnesium works especially well with our Organic Moringa or Mushroom Superfood Complex


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Magnesium Citrate Supplement Tablets

Availability: 20 in stock