Baby Diapers – Eco Friendly Nappies BPA FREE. Made from BAMBOO CHARCOAL


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[Components] Fabric: Single-stick printing

  Sandwich: new environmentally friendly breathable film (TPU, soft, strong tensile, breathable and waterproof)

Lining: Bamboo Charcoal

Mat: Outer seam 2 + 2 bamboo charcoal mat Inner seam 3 layers of ultra-fine mat

[Product structure and instructions for use]

(The main structure of the diaper is divided into three layers, namely a waterproof outer layer, a water-absorbing layer, and a water-permeable and anti-reverse inner layer)


  1. Breathable and waterproof outer layer: TPU breathable film made of environmentally friendly material is used as the waterproof coating. It has good elasticity, softness, breathability, can be stretched, and can be washed repeatedly. It is not easy to damage and deform, and it can effectively prevent baby’s urine leakage.

 2. Water-absorbing layer: the middle layer is used to place the matching water-absorbing diapers. The matching diapers are made of bamboo fiber or microfiber cotton cloth, which is soft, absorbent and has no odor.

 3. The inner layer of the diaper is made of bamboo charcoal lining, which is very soft, water-permeable, and a special functional material that prevents back osmosis. Urine can be quickly absorbed through the lining to the pad and contact the baby’s skin. There is only one kind of slightly wet feeling, which is helpful to remind the baby to go to the toilet, and it is helpful to cultivate the baby’s convenient habits.

 4. There are multiple pads in the diaper, suitable for night use, and the baby is no longer afraid of leaking urine

 5. The soft leg frame is tightly closed to prevent side leakage of urine, even for active babies.

 6. Elastic back waist to increase wearing comfort. There are multi-level adjustment buttons on the diaper. According to the size of the baby, choose the corresponding position, and then push the first row of buttons to the corresponding position. Can be used by babies from 3 months to 3 years old

Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 350 × 400 × 50 cm

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Baby Diapers – Eco Friendly Nappies BPA FREE. Made from BAMBOO CHARCOAL