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About vGain Pure and our Vegan supplements

Here at vGain Pure we want to make sure that the supplements we provide the vegan community with can help new and existing vegans maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The vegan supplements we manufacture are registered with The Vegan Society. They endorse all of our range, so you can be assured what you receive is certified vegan and of an exceptional quality.

Because our supplements are produced in the UK to high standards, we are proud to say that vGain Pure supplements are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Approved.

The mission here at vGain Pure is to actively support and expand the vegan community by providing products that will contribute to a healthy body, mind and lifestyle. So check out our social media and join the family!

100% vegan supplements are expertly formulated and manufactured in the UK to ensure you are receiving high quality, natural supplements which can assist you in living your best life. 

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However, we don't stop there...

We do it for the animals, we do it for the trees and we do it for the planet. And by we, we mean you too! Every purchase of our vegan supplements you make, will have a portion of the profits donated to both The Woodland Trust and World Wildlife Foundation (WWF)

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Woodland Trust

PURE Mission

Help you in building and maintaining a healthy life style with our vegan supplements so you can Say Hello To A New You

PURE Vision

Expand and support the vegan community whilst simultaneously Protecting The Planet And Its Wildlife

PURE Values

What our supplements being registered with The Vegan Society means?

The Vegan Society

Did you know that The Vegan Society trademark is the worlds largest recognised vegan verification?

We registered all of our products with them. This way you can be guaranteed that your vegan supplements are of the highest quality. They have experts which have inspected our products so that you can shop with us in confidence and not worry about how effective they are.

Being registered with The Vegan Society means that our products have met all of the following standards;

– Free from any animal product 

– Free from any animal testing

– They are all non-GMO

– Manufactured in a 100% vegan environment to the correct hygiene and contamination standards

We know how hard it is to find reliable products that are 100% Vegan! So we did the work for you and you can find all our products in The Vegan Society’s product catalogue.


About our Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification

UK Vegan Supplements

Good Manufacturing Practice is the standard that all EU medicine manufacturers must meet for their production process. 

Enforced by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), they coordinate inspections of our products and manufacturing process. This ensures we are compliant with all with all EU medicine regulations for us to sell our products. 

GMP states that our products are to be:

– Consistently of a high quality

– Are appropriate for their intended use

– Meet the requirements of the marketing authorisation, or clinical trial authorisation

Priding ourselves in making sure our vegan supplements are consistently of a high quality, our promise to you is that we will help wherever we can to make sure you’re the best version of yourself. Because our products are GMP approved, you can be assured that our supplements are of a high standard and will be effective on your vegan journey


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